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Forsyth County firefighters celebrate 20 years in county
Forsyth County firefighters
Forsyth County Fire Department celebrated two decades of service for 16 career firefighters within the county March 23.

March 23 marked a huge milestone for 16 members of the Forsyth County Fire Department, who will celebrate two decades of service within the county. 

According to a news release by Forsyth County government, 30 career firefighters were hired in the spring of 1998 — of those 30, nicknamed the ‘Dirty Thirty,’ 16 remain within the department today. 

“The groundwork of our fire department was laid by the countless volunteer firefighters who organized the department in 1972,” said Danny Bowman, Forsyth County fire chief. “The addition of 30 highly motivated, ‘career’ firefighters in 1998, however, certainly raised the bar relative to rapid, efficient emergency services expected by our citizens.”

The release stated the firefighters who have continued to serve within the community after 20 years includeL Lt. Zack Bazzle, Lt. Mark Davis, Sgt. Glen Everett, Firefighter and EMT Hal Fischer, Lt. Brian Gary, Battalion Chief Doug Gibson, Lt. David Green, Lt. Nathan Head, Firefighter and EMT Bob Kaley, Lt. Bill Logan, Firefighter II Larry Mitro, Lt. William Raines, Lt. Michael Sheuring, Division Chief Jason Shivers, Firefighter II Chris Smith and Battalion Chief Justin Suggs.

“This is a huge milestone for the department,” said Division Chief Jason Shivers, a member of the original 30 career firefighters, said that being part of the department and reaching the milestone was a “true honor.” 

“The progress of the department over the past 20 years and the enhancements to the services we provide to the citizens are really remarkable,” he said. “We are all so very proud to continue our service to the citizens and visitors of Forsyth County and to be the foundation that generations of firefighters to come will be built upon.”

The release stated that currently the Forsyth County Fire Department consists of 159 field personnel.