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Forsyth County firefighters rescue three kittens from drain
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Three cuddly new county residents had a run-in with the Forsyth County Fire Department, who helped the feline friends get out of a tight spot and into a new home this weekend.

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- photo by Submitted

According to Division Chief Jason Shivers of the Forsyth County Fire Department, at about 3 p.m. Sunday firefighters from Station 2 responded to an address in the south Forsyth Blackwell Manor subdivision to respond to an animal rescue call from a citizen.

When firefighters arrived at the residence they found three stray kittens that were trapped beneath a storm drain that the homeowner couldn’t lift. 

“This type of call is often handled by firefighters,” Shivers said, “sometimes due to mother cats hiding their babies, intending to return for them later.”

While not originally owned by a local citizen, the three fluffy kittens may have now found a home with a family that lived nearby, he said.