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Forsyth County GOP debuts Trump-inspired logo
New party chair also elected

FORSYTH COUNTY – The Forsyth County Republican Party recently debuted a new chairwoman and a new haircut with an updated, election-themed version of its logo.

Carolyn Hall Fisher was voted to fill the unexpired term of chair of the local GOP on August 15.

The county committee, which is made up of the precinct chair and party officers, elected Fisher after Jason Mock vacated the seat when he announced his move to Texas to take a job. She also served as interim chair before being officially elected.

“I’m really delighted,” she said. “The Republican Party is going to be relevant again in this county. We are not going to face any kind of message that’s not positive.”

Fisher, who was a delegate at the Republican National Convention in July representing the 7th Congressional District, will serve as chair until the term expires in March, at which time another election will be held at the county convention.

“Then anyone who is a delegate to the county convention who attended the mass precinct meeting who said they wanted to come to the convention can run [for chair],” she said.

Fisher said she has a main goal for local elections taking place in November.

“We have three candidates that have Democrat opposition, and we’re going to work as hard as we can for each one of them,” Fisher said.

Local races are not all the Forsyth County GOP is focused on for November.

The party debuted a new logo that will be used until the election on Nov. 8, featuring a graphic of the iconic hairstyle worn by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump displayed on the existing logo.

“Our treasurer, Lori’s, daughter was just fooling around with it, and that’s how it came about. We’re going to put it on anything we send out,” Fisher said. “We had our first executive meeting Monday night, and I said, ‘y’all are just going to die when you see what Lori has come up with.’

“They just went nuts. They thought it was hilarious. They loved it.”