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Forsyth County plans to build two new fire stations

FORSYTH COUNTY — Two new fire stations are expected to open on opposite ends of Forsyth County within the coming year.

The plans for Stations 6 and 8 were recently approved by the county commission, with construction to be handled by D.A. Edwards and Co. for about $5.6 million.

Station 8 will be a replacement facility. It will be built on the same spot, 6015 Keith Bridge Road in north Forsyth, as its predecessor of the same name.

Fire Division Chief Shivers said the current station is a relic that does not have adequate infrastructure.

“This is a volunteer-era fire station that was constructed by volunteers in 1984,” he said. “It was never intended to be operated as a permanent, full-time staffed fire station.

“But during the modern era of the career fire department, we’ve forced it into service and did our best to modernize it for our firefighters to live in.”

The second fire station, which will we be built in southeast Forsyth, is part of other improvements.

“Station 6 is going to go at the intersection of Caney and Brookwood roads,” Shivers said. “That intersection was purchased by the county for a realignment. There will be a traffic light installed [there] just south of … Hwy. 141 and Brookwood Road.”

“As part of the realignment, [the fire department] was able to purchase 3 acres.”

There is currently no Fire Station 6.

“This [will be] a new fire station,” Shiver said. “There had been, many years ago, a Fire Station 6 off of Hwy. 9 in deep south Forsyth … that never had full-time staffing in it.

“It was shut down a number of years ago because there were no volunteers left for that station and it sat between Station 2 and Station 14.”

Shivers said the two new fire stations would be “virtually identical” in design, though Station 6 will have some exterior variations to comply with the Peachtree Parkway Overlay.