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Forsyth County Republican Party gathering Saturday

SOUTH FORSYTH — The Forsyth County Republican Party will hold its annual county convention Saturday at South Forsyth High School.

Beginning at 10 a.m., attendees will select delegates to attend upcoming conventions and have a chance to hear from those in and seeking office.

Jason Mock, chairman of the local party, said there are many decisions to be made.

“Those individuals that are delegates [chosen by precinct last month] will vote on the slate for the delegates and alternates to the 7th Congressional District Convention, as well as the 9th Congressional District Convention, as well as the state convention that is going to be held in June,” Mock said.

District 9 includes north Forsyth, while south Forsyth is in District 7. The district conventions will take place in April, while the state convention is set for June 3 and 4 in Augusta.

Delegates could find that their involvement leads all the way to the Republican National Convention this summer in Cleveland.

The county convention will also be an opportunity for voters to hear from office-holders and political hopefuls.

“We will allow our elected officials to stand up and give an update,” Mock said. “In fact, our state delegation that will be attending will be giving an update about what’s going on down at the Capitol the last couple of days.

“We will have an opportunity to hear from candidates [who attend] the convention. They will have a few minutes to stand up and introduce themselves to the audience.  ”

Delegates and alternates are required to pay a fee to fund the county convention. The school is off Peachtree Parkway.