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Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office captain resigns amid investigation over inappropriate contact
Barrett%2c Chris Capt.jpg
Capt. Chris Barrett, formerly of the Forsyth County Sheriff's Office

A Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office captain has resigned from his position within the department amid a recent internal affairs investigation into allegations of off-duty misconduct with a local woman.

According to a prepared statement by the Forsyth County Office of Professional Standards, Christopher Barrett resigned at the request of Forsyth County Sheriff Ron Freeman after it became clear that an internal affairs investigation would find that Barrett broke the sheriff’s office protocol of “conduct unbecoming” by his alleged inappropriate contact with a local chiropractic office employee.

“I demand that my senior officers set the example in the agency,” Freeman said in the statement. ”Senior officers will be held to the highest standards. If they do not, they can no longer work for the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office.”

According to documents from an internal affairs investigation, Barrett allegedly repeatedly contacted a woman working at the Oasis Wellness Center in south Forsyth, flirting with her and showing her illicit photos.

The woman told investigators that she first met Barrett at the wellness center, where she worked as a chiropractic assistant. She said that Barrett became increasingly flirtatious with her, “often showed her photos on his cell phone of seized drugs” and that he eventually began to call her, asking her to have lunch with him.

“(The woman) stated that as time went on there were times that she did not want to administer treatments to Capt. Barrett, so she would ask another chiropractic assistant … to switch with her,” the investigation states.

Investigators were told that in December of 2017, Barrett allegedly showed the woman a photo of him naked, asked her if she had any photos of herself and offered to take her to a secret location where he could show her seized drugs and where they could engage in an intimate relationship.

“He said that it was a secret, not many other people knew about it and he had taken someone else there in the past,” the woman said. “He was like, ‘We can go there and have sex,’ nobody will be there.”

The woman said she felt like she couldn’t go to anyone at the wellness center about the situation because she didn’t have any proof and couldn’t go to the sheriff’s office because her boyfriend was a deputy in Barrett’s chain of command.

After Barrett’s resignation, the incident and investigation were reported to the Georgia Peace Officer’s Safety Training Council for further review and investigation.

Barrett was one of the 11 deputies that were fired by the previous sheriff Duane K. Piper in 2013. He was rehired by Sheriff Ron Freeman in early 2017.

Attempts to reach Barrett for comment were unsuccessful as of press time Tuesday.