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Forsyth County Tea Party wants statewide network of conservative donors

FORSYTH COUNTY -- A proposed way to fund candidates in Georgia and what to do in emergencies was discussed at a meeting of the United Tea Party of Georgia on Monday.


An alternative to the super PAC


Brant Frost, vice president of the Georgia Republican Assembly, discussed GRA-PAC, a political action committee interested in building a statewide network of conservatives.

“Basically, what we’re doing is instead of a super PAC where you have one billionaire financing the whole thing or two or three billionaires supporting the whole thing, we’re dividing it into manageable groups of about $25 a month, about $300 per year per donor,” he said.

Frost said the group plans to get 200-300 donors in the first year, and money will be used for state House special elections and primaries for seats without an incumbent running.

He said the intention is to have politicians funded by and answering to citizens rather than being outspent by larger groups.

“This is something we have never done before,” Frost said. “There has never been a group where the money was controlled by the people that gave it. Seems to be the common sense thing to do right?”


Situational awareness


Group leader David Hancock gave a presentation on situational preparedness and how best to deal with emergencies.

“There are a lot of good sites about preparedness and things like that that are put out by police departments, and the government has a lot of sites,” Hancock said. “I was surprised by how much good information there was and not just crazy stuff.”

For many of the active dangers, such as a shooter, theft or riot, Hancock told members to follow their gut.

“I read this on a lot sites, that feeling of, ‘Wait, something is off, something isn’t going well here,’” he said. “You need to say, ‘I think I’m going somewhere else. I think that this is a situation that is turning into a place I don’t need to be,’ but you need to trust your gut.”

Hancock also recommended keeping supplies like comfortable shoes, weapons and jumper cables in cars in case of emergencies and having extra supplies at home. He also said not to wait until the last minute as many do when bad weather or other dangers are expected.