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Forsyth County trying to find owner for "orphan pond"
Private property formerly maintained by now-closed company
Pond WEB

Forsyth County is attempting to find an owner for an “orphan pond” that adjacent neighborhoods do not want responsibility over.

At a recent work session, Forsyth County commissioners discussed the future of a small pond once owned by a company that has since closed and owes taxes. The pond is located on Fairview Drive, between Nuckolls and Samples roads in southeast Forsyth.

Commissioners previously notified the Gates homeowners association and other property owners to purchase the property through a tax sale, though County Attorney Ken Jarrard said neither party was interested in taking over and maintaining the property.

The county also does not have any interest in the pond, and Jarrard said any improvements done by the county could be seen as the owner.

“I’m not trying to suggest not to do anything, I’m just suggesting that this is at a fork in the road,” Jarrard said. “The initial thought was we incentivize the neighbors that have … the most direct reason to not want it to fail, and I’m not blaming them. They’re looking at the same sort of equation we’re looking at, which is once they get involved it’s a financial liability, as well.”

Engineering Director John Cunard said the issue was raised by a neighbor. Online property records list the property owner as unknown.

“They actually came to us hoping that we would assist with the maintenance on it, but we told them we don’t own it — it’s private property,’” Cunard said.

No action was taken on the meeting, and it will be discussed at the commission’s next work session.