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Forsyth County woman chosen as delegate for GOP National Convention

SOUTH FORSYTH — A Forsyth County resident will be representing the 7th Congressional District at the Republican National Convention in July.

Carolyn Hall Fisher, a member of the Forsyth County Republican Party, was among three people selected during a meeting April 16. The others were B.J. Van Gundy, former GOP vice chair, and David Hancock, of the United Tea Party of Georgia.

“We were lucky to have [Fisher], our first vice chair of the Forsyth County Republican Party, be elected,” said Jason Mock, chairman of the local party.

Calling it a lifelong dream, Fisher said it would be her first time attending the convention as a delegate.

“I am honored to have been chosen by my peers to do this. It’s a very important decision,” Fisher said. “I’m really looking forward to us picking the right candidate. And after we pick the right candidate, to get marching orders as to how we can win this thing on the ground.”

The 7th district covers south Forsyth and a portion of Gwinnett County.

In the 9th district, which includes north Forsyth, no county residents were selected as delegates.

Those elected in the 9th district were Ashley Bell, Carol Mahoney and Bruce Azevedo, the district chair.

Tempers reportedly flared during the 7th District meeting last week, as members chose Hancock over Debbie Dooley of the Tea Party Patriots.

Supporters of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign have said they feel the vote, and similar ones across the nation, would give more votes to Ted Cruz in the case of a contested convention.

During the meeting, one Trump support left with an American flag that he had brought. A video of the event spread through social media.

Mock, who was at the meeting, said both Dooley and Hancock addressed the crowd ahead of the vote, and that the nominating committee put forth 19 names for selection.

“I thought our nominating committee did a great job,” he said. “And our chair, B.J. Van Gundy, did an excellent job of keeping the convention going and making sure that we stayed on the right track with the rules.

“I felt that everything went above bar and it was a good convention, and I hate to see folks walk out of a convention and be upset.”

According to Mock, two of those selected will be required to vote for Trump and one for Marco Rubio.

Those requirements are only for the first vote, after which the delegates can choose another candidate.