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Forsyth County’s Caroline Reilly advances on ‘The Voice’
Caroline Reilly’s performance on The Voice airs Monday, Oct. 14, 2019. The Forsyth County resident appeared on the hit NBC reality television show and advanced to the battle rounds.

While Forsyth County’s Caroline Reilly belted “Somebody to Love” by Jefferson Airplane on national television, the coaches on NBC’s The Voice rocked along. Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Blake Shelton had already filled their teams. Gwen Stefani had one spot left.

‘Don’t you want somebody to love.

‘Don’t you need somebody to love.’

With her back turned to Reilly, the rockstar deliberated, trying to assess Reilly’s age and stature against the 16-year-old’s mature tone, sizing her up as a potential and final member for Team Gwen during the last episode of blind auditions. 

Clarkson nodded along to the performance. Legend was nearly head-banging. Stefani looked occasionally at Clarkson and Shelton for their input.

‘Don’t you want somebody to love.

‘You better find somebody to love.’

Stefani then hit the button on her chair, putting Reilly on the former No Doubt singer’s team and sending the Forsyth County resident on to the next round of the hit reality television show.

Reilly is the third Forsyth County native to appear on the hit show. Riley Biederer advanced four rounds in season 9 (2015), while Chris Cauley got a turn from the show's longtime coach Adam Levine of pop-rock band Maroon 5 in season 2 (2012).

Reilly will next perform during the battle round, where coaches select members of their team to perform duets and then choose a winner to advance to the next stage in the competition. The show culminates in one winner receiving a record deal and $100,000 grand prize.

As Reilly finished her performance, Stefani stood in her chair and clapped.

“What’s up?” Stefani said.

“Hello, I’m Caroline Reilly. I’m 16 years old,” Reilly said.

Stefani shrieked in excitement.

“Dreams do come true on ‘The Voice,’” Stefani said.

Reilly continued to receive praise for her performance from the coaches.

“Your voice is way too mature for your age,” Stefani said.

Clarkson added, “You have a killer voice. Our teams are full, so we couldn’t turn around, but I think you’re rad. I can’t believe how perfect you are.”

Stefani eventually went on stage to meet Reilly — and give her a customized Team Gwen camouflage jacket.

“You have made my day,” Stefani said as they hugged. “I am so excited.”