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Forty million fire extinguishers recalled
Official: Go online to learn if yours is affected

Even the Forsyth County Fire Department has been affected by a recall that extends to nearly 40 million fire extinguishers made since 1973.

The recall, involving extinguishers made by Kidde includes over 37 million fire extinguishers sold in the United States and about 3 million sold in Canada. According to the recall notice, the extinguishers involved include those with plastic handles and nozzles which may fail when needed.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission report says one person died when an extinguisher failed to work after a car crash, and there have been 16 injuries in the 391 times the extinguishers have reportedly failed when needed.

Division Chief Jason Shivers with the Forsyth County Fire Department said he recently found a recalled fire extinguisher in a brand new fire engine the county just received. 

“I went through the process and learned that the new extinguisher we had just received was recalled,” he said.  Shivers said the online process for the recall was very straightforward, and he’s asking everyone to check the extinguishers in their homes and cars. “Go online to see if yours is affected, and they will send you a new one if it is.” 

“Since this recall goes back many years, it’s likely that some of the extinguishers may be well past the time when they should be in service, (and) they should be replaced anyway,” Shivers said, adding that residents “should take advantage of the recall to get a new extinguisher.”

Shivers also said all fire extinguishers should be checked regularly to be sure that the pressure gauge reads full, and the extinguisher is ready to use.

He said that in order to keep extinguishers in good working condition, residents should turn their devices over and shake briskly.

“This will ensure the powder stays loose and hasn’t settled into a solid cake at the bottom” Shivers said.  “The danger is that this is a passive device that goes into a cabinet or drawer until it’s needed, and they do need to be checked and shaken regularly.” 

The fire extinguishers were all made by Kidde, but were sold under several brand names between 1973 and 2017, so it’s important to check any extinguisher that has a plastic handle or push button discharge.  Visit to see if yours is recalled.