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Helms selected as new fairgrounds administrator
Cumming Fair

Tracy Helms, who has served since 1997 as events coordinator for the city of Cumming, was recently selected by city officials as the new fairgrounds administrator following the retirement of Dave Horton.

“It’s a great honor,” Helms said on Friday. “I’ve worked with Dave since 1998 down here, and working with him and beside him all those years, I’ve learned a lot from Dave. It’s an honor for the mayor and council and city administrator to have the faith in me to do the job, and I look forward to the challenge.”

Helms said he first started working for the city in 1997, when the fairgrounds was under the city’s recreation department and had worked with Horton since he became fairgrounds administrator.

“It’s grown tremendously [in that time,]” Helms said. “Not only has the fair grown in attendance numbers, the property — the fairgrounds itself — has gotten bigger. We’ve been fortunate enough to have the opportunities to have capital improvements done down here, which has opened a lot of doors for the fairgrounds.”

Along with a new administrator, the fairgrounds will have some new events this year.

“There are new events that we’re excited about,” he said. “We’re having Fridays at the Fairgrounds, which will start in April. We’re always looking to add events, but the calendar has always been full. That’s the hardest part, finding a week3end that’s not full when it comes to adding new events.”

The fairgrounds is located at 235 Castleberry Road in Cumming.