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Home hit in wreck
Driver pushes parked truck through garage
Truck vs House 3 esWEB
Tiffany Gee hugs her son, Matthew 4, after they witnessed a truck run off the road Thursday and strike their house. - photo by Emily Saunders
Tiffany Gee was enjoying the weather with her family and friends Thursday afternoon at her northern Forsyth County home.

But the peaceful afternoon was abruptly interrupted when a black Dodge Ram sped past them and crashed into her husband’s truck, pushing it into her garage.

Gee, her husband Keith and their 4-year-old son Matthew, were safe, but just barely. They were under a pop-up shelter in their front yard, just a few feet from the truck’s path.

“We were out here watching the rain come in,” Tiffany Gee said. “It scared our 4-year-old pretty bad. He’s more worried about his daddy’s motorcycle [which was in the garage] than anything.”

The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office cited the truck’s driver, Blake McCaulla, 24, of Little Mill Road for driving too fast for conditions, failure to maintain lane and tire requirement violations.

Sheriff’s deputy Matt Mahathey said the wreck was likely a result of McCaulla’s speed and slick tires on the wet road.

The truck first hit the Gees’ neighbor’s mailbox and knocked it out of the ground.

“The truck continued through the yard and that’s when it struck the Chevrolet Colorado that was in the front yard of the next house, and the force he hit that with slammed that truck into the garage,” Mahathey said. “That’s what damaged the house and knocked over [Gee’s] motorcycle. So it was kind of a chain reaction accident.”

The crash also slammed a refrigerator through a wall between the garage and living room.

“It barely missed the TV,” Tiffany Gee said.

She said they’ve lived in the house about a year and have family nearby to help them out.

Her neighbor, Eric Yates, also witnessed the wreck. He said things happened too fast for them to move.

“We just stood here,” he said. “We didn’t know what else to do.”

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