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Book by brothers draws on local lore

Two brothers with a history in Forsyth County have co-written a book inspired by real events from the area's past.

Longtime Forsyth County resident Ron Sewell said he and brother, Kele, wrote "Soul Purpose"  because of their shared interest in local history.

"We love history," Ron Sewell said. "That's what got us into this ... I like to read a lot too. I've had people come up to me in the library and say, 'You read so much, you should write a book.'"

Kele Sewell, who is a family practice physician in the west Georgia town of Bremen, said his brother is a "lay historian, and a very good one."

"He helped keep me on track and helped keep me abreast of the local goings-on," he said.

Having written several books, Kele Sewell is no stranger to fiction.

"In this book, I tried to make as historically accurate a story as I could with the facts I had and also interspersed it with fictional characters to make the story come alive," he said.

Kele Sewell said he draws inspiration from childhood chats with his grandfather in Forsyth County.

"I wanted to write a book about stories I heard growing up," he said. "I used to sit on my grandfather's knee and he'd tell me stories."

He said it took them about six months to write the book, which looks at racial tension over the years in the county.

"The purpose of the book was to try and right some wrongs," Kele Sewell said.

Ron Sewell said the fictional account is "woven around a real story that helps people realize what was going on in that era."

The book is available for purchase at