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Civil Air Patrol honors South Forsyth eighth-grader

SOUTH FORSYTH — An eighth-grader at South Forsyth Middle School was recently commended for his efforts with an auxiliary military patrol.

Grant Falite, who has achieved the rank of cadet chief master sergeant in the Civil Air Patrol, auxiliary unit of the U.S. Air Force, was recently recognized as NCO Cadet of the Year by the Lawrenceville VFW Post 5255. 

“I feel like something that sets me apart from the group is I polish my  uniform and do the best on my uniform all the time, make sure my boots are shined and everything and my uniform is pressed,” Falite said.

“I’m also there do all the time. I do a lot of community service and I just have so much fun. I think that’s a good quality too. ”

Founded in the late 1930s, the CAP has served as the civilian auxiliary of the Air Force. Falite said that he hopes to attend one of the military service academies.

According to the young cadet, the club has instilled in him a love of military traditions and flying. In fact, he has completed the necessary training to get his pilots’ license, despite not being able to drive for about another two years.

“We actually have a club to get your pilots license,” he said. “It’s called ground school and I completed that, but I didn’t get my pilot’s license yet, because it’s kind of expensive.”