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FCHS senior to run wearing fowl costume
Forsyth Central High School senior Cody Matheson will play an important part in a Thanksgiving Day race in Ohio. - photo by Submitted


A turkey is on the loose in Cumming, but it isn’t your ordinary Thanksgiving fowl.

Cody Matheson, a senior at Forsyth Central High School, has been preparing for an upcoming race through a rather unorthodox training method: by running around town in a turkey suit.

Selected to be the “turkey” in the John Howland First Annual Turkey Day Pilgrim 5K in New Albany, Ohio, Cody must be able to outrun his fellow participants while wearing the costume.

“Our family up in Ohio organized the race in honor of our ancestor, John Howland, one of the first pilgrims in the New World,” said Matheson’s sister, Madison Fountain. “They chose the fastest runner in the family to be the turkey.”

Just as this isn’t an ordinary turkey, it’s also no ordinary race.

A themed event where participants must come dressed as pilgrims or Native Americans, the 5K stars an anonymous runner disguised in a turkey suit. Runners must chase down the turkey in order to receive a prize.

Also reportedly scheduled to participate in the race will be Ted Strickland, the governor of Ohio.

Cody’s participation and success may lead Strickland to endorse the race and donate money raised to a charitable cause.

However, Cody isn’t quite sure if he is the star of the race or an unfortunate target.

“They’re giving me a 100-meter head start, but it’s still scary to have almost 100 people chasing you down,” he said. “Plus, I’m afraid the suit might slow me down.”

But with Cody’s cross country background, it seems unlikely he would have anything to worry about.