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FCN series on the Payette Bibles continues
Great Bible made English version more available
A close-up of the New Testament title page to the 1541 Great Bible attributed to the famous artist and engraver Holbein. It is estimated that more than one year was needed to create this work of art, which is used on the General and New Testament title page and then never seen again. In the center of the upper portion, we see Henry VIII depicted and displayed prominently taking up most of the real estate of the page. Almost as an afterthought, a depiction of God is squeezed in above the King. Flanked below King Henry VIII, on the left, is Cranmer and on the right, Cromwell. While not shown in this photo, Cromwell had been beheaded a year prior. But based on the tremendous cost of commissioning Holbein to create this work of art, shockingly Cromwell remains on the page, though his crest is removed by a small blank circle. This New Testament title, as well as the identical General Title, represent perhaps the most sought-after title pages produced. - photo by Micah Green
FORSYTH COUNTY — The second installment of The Payette English Bible Collection Series, is the 1539-41 Great Bible Folio Sixth Edition. This Bible is magnificent, both in its physical appearance (as the largest of the seven editions) and for the symbolic role it played in the events of the English Reformation. Indeed, as the first ever Bible authorized to be placed in the largest churches, the importance of this particular Bible is monumental.