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Forsyth resident has cause to run Boston Marathon
Supporting efforts to fight skin cancer
Macdonald - photo by For the FCN

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To learn more about the Melanoma Foundation of New England and team Running for Cover, go online at

FORSYTH COUNTY — Jonathon Macdonald couldn’t run away from skin cancer, but he can run to fight it.

Macdonald, a Forsyth County resident, will be one of about 30,000 runners competing in next month’s Boston Marathon. Macdonald will be running as part of “Team Running for Cover,” a group representing the Melanoma Foundation of New England.

“They’re a longtime charity group that has worked with the Boston Marathon,” Macdonald said. “I looked through the various charities and saw that the melanoma foundation matched up best with my background and the story I had.”

Macdonald said that he, his friends and family members have been affected by skin cancer, which factored into his decision to run with team.

“I’ve had a couple of small skin cancers not melanoma,” he said. “My dad also had a number. I don’t think either of us really believed in sun tan lotion, and then my grandmother actually did have melanoma and had a finger removed from her hand ... a good friend of mine’s wife also had melanoma in the last year.”

Though he has run other marathons, as well as shorter races, Macdonald said this is his first time running in Boston.

“This is the crown jewel of [road races], so I’m real excited to get a chance to run it,” he said. “It’s a neat day for me, because I turn 40 the Friday before the race, so it’s my 40th birthday present to myself too.”

And Boston won’t be the first new city that Macdonald has to run through.

“The biggest challenge is I travel a lot for work, so I try to find a place to run, not on a treadmill over and over,” Macdonald said. “It’s actually really interesting.

“Sometimes when you get to a new city, if you can find a decent running path or a greenway, you really get to see some of the city and some of the environment as you run through it.”

Macdonald said he is excited about the 26.2-mile race, which he described as the “Super Bowl of running.”

“I really can’t wait,” he said. “I keep trying to explain it to my wife … I get to now run with the best people at the most well-known marathon. I hope and expect it just to be incredible.”