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Foster father, disabled dog forge bond
Personable pup is persevering
rescue 2 Matt JD
Matt Pickett has taken in several foster dogs, including Cheyenne. - photo by Jim Dean
Cheyenne comes to adoption days at the Petsmart in Cumming every other week, though it’s unlikely she’ll find a new home.Matt Pickett, foster dad of the dog, said several people will come toward her cooing but are taken aback when she sits up and they see her paws.“I’ll probably tell the story 100 times on a Saturday,” Pickett said.The tops of Cheyenne’s paws rest on the floor and her front feet turn inward, leaving her unable to walk. Rather, she does somewhat of a crawl to get around. Though born healthy, Pickett said Cheyenne’s imperfect paws result from complications veterinarians have said are likely from malnutrition or a bout with parvo just after birth.Cheyenne is just one of many dogs who have benefitted from the generosity of Pickett and area foster pet parents.Pickett, who is also president of the Cocker Spaniel Rescue of Georgia, estimates he’s spent about $15,000 of his own money in the three years he’s been fostering.His first dog, a cocker spaniel named Linzy, has been with him for 13 years and watches the others flow through the home as Pickett finds permanent places for them.Pickett became involved in rescue when he met someone who was looking for a foster home for some golden retriever puppies.