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Model Aviators holding 2015 Warbird Rally in north Forsyth this weekend

NORTHWEST FORSYTH — A corner of northwestern Forsyth County may resemble a battlefield this weekend, albeit a small one.

From Thursday to Saturday, the Georgia Model Aviators are holding the 2015 Warbird Rally at Eagle’s Beak Park, 8250 Old Federal Road.

Unlike some flying events, model aircraft in the rally must have historical context.

“It’s got to have actual history to it, which means it has to be documented that there was a point that this airframe was used for military purposes, whether it was reconnaissance or battle or even training,” said Rex Briant, a board member from the group. 

The weekend may bring some wet weather, but Briant said only “a complete washout” would stop the event.

“We have about 70 pilots coming from 16 different states for this,” he said. “We’ve got one guy coming in from Utah, and several have already started out their trip from Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Ohio and Illinois. We have a lot of spread-out folks.”

Awards will be given out for best World War I model, best World War II model, best of show, pilots’ choice and best scale flight.

All sized warbirds are welcome, but pilots must pay a $30 registration fee and have a current Academy of Model Aeronautics membership.

The event is open to the public from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. More information and registration can be found online at