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Neighbors bond after rescuing cat, kittens
Judy Borowski holds “Mama,” a cat she found with two nursing kittens in Bald Ridge Campground. She and her neighbors came together to help rescue and find homes for the felines. - photo by Autumn McBride
It’s often said that it takes a village to raise a child. Well, in this case, it took a neighborhood to rescue some felines.When Judy Borowski found a stray mother cat and two kittens, she couldn’t leave them out in the cold.She didn’t know the first thing about cat care, she said, but soon found some help close to home.Her neighbors, though merely acquaintances or even strangers to her before, pitched in to prepare the kittens for adoption.“Who knew one act would result in meeting all the neighbors and everybody working together,” said Borowski, who’s lived in her home near Bald Ridge Campground for nearly three years.“The whole community was involved in this. It was wonderful,” said neighbor Elinor Hurkmans, while visiting Borowski on a recent afternoon.Borowski found the female kittens and their mother during a walk through the nearly empty campground in November.“I knew they couldn’t survive in there, so I had to do something.