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Old dog finds new home
Tasha's tale ends happily
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Forsyth County News

A 19-year-old dog that was rescued last week with the help of a local pet organization and an anonymous good Samaritan has found a new home with a Forsyth County animal lover.

Roberta Ingenito contacted the group after reading an article about Tasha in the Forsyth County News.

"I let the article sit for a couple days," Ingenito said. "Tasha just kept coming into my brain every day, and I said, 'Maybe this is something that's meant to be.'"

Tasha's story began a couple weeks ago when Bill Mulrooney of the Humane League of Lake Lanier spotted a classified ad in the newspaper for a dog found "by a good Samaritan."

Mulrooney said volunteers picked up the dog from the person who had found her. Apparently, the dog's former owner saw the ad as well.

The man met with Mulrooney and it was determined he was in a situation where he could no longer keep the animal.

Tasha's first day at her new home was Friday. Ingenito said the dog is doing well.

"So far so good," she said, adding that her basset hounds, Remy Martin and Drambuie, were enjoying the company.

Ingenito said she's taken in several elderly dogs in the past, but Tasha's the oldest she's welcomed.

"She doesn't look her age at all," Ingenito said.

Tasha is 133 years old in dog years.

"She looks very good for her age," she said. "Her eyesight, her teeth, her joints, everything's magnificent. I hope to look as good as she does when I get to be older."

Mulrooney said he was relieved to have found a home for Tasha.

"It is a blessing," he said.

According to its Web site, the Humane League is "made up of volunteers and foster homes with a mission to help homeless pets."