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Personal history sought for societys publication
Dec. 31 deadline to submit local family stories
Martha McConnell, president of the Forsyth County Historical Society, talks about the societys upcoming book about county history. - photo by Autumn McBride

At a glance

Forsyth County families and organizations are invited to submit their histories to the “Forsyth County Heritage Book.” Submissions must be turned in by Dec. 31. For guidelines and more information, call (678) 455-7260; e-mail; or visit

Ever wanted to share your personal family history with the world?

If so, the Historical Society of Forsyth County may have the perfect opportunity.

The group is working to produce a new publication, the “Forsyth County Heritage Book.”

Myra Reidy, committee chairwoman, said the book will be a collection of personal histories of Forsyth County.

“This is not just for original families of the county or families who have been here for generations,” she said. “It’s also open to people who’ve just been here a short time too. Even if someone’s lived here just one week, we want their story.”

The society is working with publisher County Heritage Inc. to produce the book, which is scheduled to be released in late 2011.
Deadline for submissions is Dec. 31.

Reidy said she and other historical society members are expecting the book to successful, especially since so many families seem interested in learning about and sharing their family history.

“Our president is over at our offices every day with someone who wants to do research on their family,” Reidy said. “We even have people from other parts of the country who want to come and learn about their family history. People will schedule their vacations around coming here to do research.”

Reidy said the book will “give people an opportunity to share their family history.”

“And they don’t have to be a professional writer to do it. The publishers lay everything out so that anybody can do it.”

In addition to family and personal histories, organizers are also looking for histories of area churches, civic clubs and other organizations, as well as veterans and former residents, Reidy said.

Guidelines for submissions can be found online at, or a brochure can be picked up at the historical society’s offices, inside the Cumming Playhouse at 111 School St. Brochures have also been distributed by members to various stores in the county.

Most submissions are free up to a certain word limit, with additional word count and photos available for a fee.