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Rain scratches animal fundraiser
Mutts & More reset for June 16
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The Humane Society of Forsyth County’s Mutts & More Festival has been rescheduled for 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. June 16 at Fowler Park, 4110 Carolene Way. The event is free, but vendors will charge for products.

The old saying “it’s raining cats and dogs” took on a whole new meaning Sunday for volunteers with the Humane Society of Forsyth County.

The organization had planned its annual Mutts & More Festival for noon to 6 p.m. at Fowler Park. However, heavy rain, high winds and some thunder and lightning led leaders to call off the event about an hour after it began.

Lance White, president of the organization, said doing so was “one of the most difficult decisions of his life” since so many people had worked so long to plan the event.

“We’ve been working on this thing for the last three or four months and so much effort, blood, sweat and tears had gone into this that to have to … be the one to call it off, it wasn’t a decision that I wanted to make,” he said. “But then again, I didn’t want to be the one to blame if something did happen.

“This was not a good place to be, up on top of a hill in a lighting storm, so it just came down to safety.”

The good news for volunteers and those who had hoped to attend is that the event has been rescheduled for June 16, which is Father’s Day.

“This [festival] is now going to be all about Father’s Day,” said Doris Corona, communications officers of the Humane Society. “We’re going to have a ‘dunk your dad’ tank for the kids and we’re going to have some new activities designed with fathers in mind.

“And, of course, we’ll also honor fathers of the furry, four-legged kind of kids.”

Corona said organizers hope the new date will be as successful as the event in years past.

The 2012 Mutts & Moore Festival, which was graced with warm temperatures and sunny skies, drew 10,000 to 12,000 people and resulted in the adoption of more than 50 dogs and cats.

“It’s kind of risk to do it on Father’s Day, but I think fathers might be relieved to know that there’s something they can take their kids to that’s free,” Corona said.

Sunday’s event was scheduled to include about 50 vendors, as well 20 different dog and cat rescue groups from across north Georgia.

White said all but about five of the vendors and groups came out Sunday. All are invited to return June 16.

Other activities slated for the festival include the Mutt Strutt, for which dog owners were asked to register online and solicit money from family and friends before parading around the park with their pooches, as well as dog demonstrations and games for kids.

Corona said all of the events slated for Sunday will take place next month.

“The Mutt Strutt will go on as planned,” she said. “We’ll also still have the rabies and microchip clinic. The rabies vaccine is $12 and the microchip is $20.”

She’s hoping for a good turnout.

“We’re going to give this a whirl and see if we can get everybody back for this great event and keep our fingers crossed that it doesn’t rain,” she said.