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Seniors enjoy prom
Local Girl Scout organized event for elderly
Prom WEB 1
A group of seniors takes a photo together during “A Night in Paris” on Saturday at Sexton Hall Enrichment Center. - photo by Crystal Ledford

Russ Cooper got a chance to pull his powder blue out of the closet.

While he didn’t wear the outfit to his high school prom (it was a costume from a former singing group), it did earn the best dressed award at a senior prom Saturday.

That would be senior as in senior citizen, not upper classman.

Cooper was one of about 70 seniors who attended the event, called “A Night in Paris,” Saturday at Sexton Hall Enrichment Center in south Forsyth. It was open to all elder adults who take part in Forsyth’s Senior Services programming throughout the county.

Cooper said the idea seemed like fun.

“I hadn’t done any dancing in so long I didn’t know if I could even stand on the floor, but I wanted to come,” he said. “I used to dance a lot and I thought this was a very nice thing to have because we don’t get to do much of this sort of thing anymore.”

While the dance was for seniors, there were some high school students there too.

Sarah Bock, a sophomore at South Forsyth, put on the prom as her community service project for the Gold Award, the highest honor in Girl Scouting.

She got several clubs at the school involved with the event as well, and she encouraged some of her classmates to attend.

The different generations shared dance moves unique to their respective eras.

In addition, about 15 Forsyth County sheriff’s deputies and firefighters served as dance partners for some of the seniors who “went stag.”

Bock said she was pleased with the turnout, which could have been much lower considering Saturday’s wet and cool weather.

“It’s a little rainy so I think some people didn’t come, but we still have a good turnout,” Bock said during the event. “We have a lot of volunteers and everybody’s having fun.

“Some of [the seniors] told me they were really excited for the event because they got an opportunity to go buy a new dress and then some people had a corsage from their husband, so that was cute.”

Jim and Mary Ann Milton were excited. Jim Milton said he never went to a high school prom so this was a second chance for that.

“I told all my friends that I was going to the senior, and it’s a real senior prom,” he said.

His wife did go to her high school prom and said there were some similarities Saturday.

“A lot of the music is the same. I recognize some of it,” she said. “We only had about 20 kids in our class, so this is bigger than our high school prom … it may actually be more fun.”