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This Week in Forsyth County History: July 10-16
A series presented by Gracemont Senior Living
Drought2008 WEB
JULY 16, 2008: We may think it is hot and dry now, but 2008 saw the worst drought in Forsyth County in recent memory. Lake Lanier levels receded down to about 1,055 feet (above sea level) on this week, and low levels were blamed for drownings in the water. For some context, the lake was at 1,067.32 as of July 5, 2016, and the highest it has reached this water year was 1,075.48 on Dec. 31, 2015. Full pool is 1,071 feet.
Do you remember what happened in your community 20 years ago? How about 40? Or have you moved to Forsyth County since then and are curious to know what made the headlines in the 1960s or ‘20s?