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This Week in Forsyth County History: July 10-16
A series presented by Gracemont Senior Living
Drought2008 WEB
JULY 16, 2008: We may think it is hot and dry now, but 2008 saw the worst drought in Forsyth County in recent memory. Lake Lanier levels receded down to about 1,055 feet (above sea level) on this week, and low levels were blamed for drownings in the water. For some context, the lake was at 1,067.32 as of July 5, 2016, and the highest it has reached this water year was 1,075.48 on Dec. 31, 2015. Full pool is 1,071 feet.

Flashback Forsyth

• July 15, 1964
Forsyth County has always prided itself on its natural amenities. In 1964, about $10,000 bought a handful of improvements at Mary Alice Park, including a fulltime caretaker, a well, trash barrels, a portable concession stand and lighted camping areas. Now, the park features beaches, boat ramps, trailer parking, a picnic pavilion and camping.

• July 13, 2008
Population booms in Forsyth County are no new thing, at least in this century. Figures in 2008 showed the population of Cumming grew more than 38 percent between 2000 and 2007, from 4,220 to 5,842. Effects of an increased population remained the same, too, from traffic congestion and a burden on quality of life to the positive mark on the economy.
“As all the new people move in … you need realtors and attorneys and doughnuts and restaurants and dry cleaners and all that stuff so it’s sort of a synergistic effect and it feeds on itself.”

• July 16, 2008
Who was here when Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta moved into town in 2008? How big of an impact did that make on the Exit 13 area around what is now called The Collection at Forsyth and South Forsyth High School? The deal totaled about $17.6 million for 28 acres of land. Today, Children’s at Forsyth provides services including diabetes, neurology, lab testing, outpatient rehabilitation, radiology, sport medicine, surgery and urgent care.

Do you remember what happened in your community 20 years ago? How about 40? Or have you moved to Forsyth County since then and are curious to know what made the headlines in the 1960s or ‘20s?

Will seeing a front page from even two years ago make you wonder where the time has gone?

One thing is sure: We no longer accept livestock or groceries as payment for subscriptions like we did in 1927.

In this first installment of This Week in Forsyth County History, a new bi-weekly series presented by Gracemont Senior Living, we give you a flashback of Forsyth County through the years.

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Staff writer Kelly Whitmire and intern Rachel Pittman contributed research to this series.