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Tying the knot tighter
More than 200 couples to say 'I do' -- again
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Forsyth County News

More than 200 couples will be renewing their wedding vows Sunday at a Forsyth County church.

Pastor Shawn Lovejoy of Mountain Lake Church said the event is a culmination of a five-week "marriage project" he's been teaching.

"We're pretty pumped about this," Lovejoy said. "When push comes to shove, I think any couple given the opportunity would want to renew their vows. And we're going to open it up to everybody at church Sunday."

Lovejoy welcomes nonmembers to join the congregation for the special service as well. He said couples may come dressed "as if they're getting married for the first time," or they can wear usual Sunday attire.

The event will be held at both the north and west campuses of the church. There will be six different services between the two campuses and wedding vows may be renewed at any of them.

Church member Teri Girardeau said she and her husband, Mark, will be there. The couple is renewing their vows after 17 years of marriage.

"Wedding vows are a commitment," Teri Girardeau said. "It's a serious spiritual decision. It's not something people should take lightly."

Girardeau said she and her husband have attended the marriage project lessons for the past few weeks, and they're excited about Sunday.

"We believe how you strengthen a church is to strengthen the individuals of that church, and vow renewal is an important building block," she said.

Lovejoy said it is indeed an important event for the church.

"We see it as a significant decision," he said. "So many couples don't know what they're getting into when they get married. We say those vows, but we don't know what we're really saying.

"This is a great opportunity for couples to say the vows again with their eyes wide open," he said.