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Woman finds calling in clay
Local artist Cathy Mozley holds a deviled egg platter shaped into a University of Georgia logo that she crafted from clay. - photo by Autumn McBride
Standing next to one of her “Porch People,” Cathy Mozley said she doesn’t know how she imagines the macabre sculptures.“Whenever somebody sees these — what I call my ghoulie guys — they say, ‘Where do you get those ideas?’ And I say I don’t know,” Mozley said. “But I sell more of this kind than I do of the others.”The Forsyth County potter has led a life filled with art and adventure, which comes alive in her creations.She began to pursue pottery as more than a hobby at the urging of her four daughters. They encouraged her to market the patent-pending Tooth Fairy’s Treasures, which are designed to display children’s baby teeth.While some people may think that’s a little strange, Mozley said it’s a way to hold on to the teeth, something many mothers do anyway.