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Women teach children about waste, water
Neve Miskus uses a microscope to look at a type of bacteria during an environmental program for the “eco” club at Cornerstone School. Randy Payne, left, a Tyson representative, talks to her about what she’s seeing. - photo by Autumn McBride
A passion for teaching others, especially children, about the importance of all things environmental has led two Forsyth County women to form a nonprofit educational organization.“There is really nobody quite like us,” said Denise Carleton, who founded Reaping Nature Productions with Mary Nix in October 2010.“We offer a program that is a highly educational experience that really incorporates every subject, including math, social studies, health, science and reading.” Carleton said they have conducted programs for groups ranging in size from a dozen to more than 300 children. In addition to their recycling and waste reduction programming, Carleton and Nix also target graffiti.