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World of Coca-Cola, Atlanta Botanical Garden go all out for Christmas
The Atlanta Botanical Gardens and World Of Coca-Cola are two of the most popular Holiday activities in metro-Atlanta. - photo by Courtesy of Jason Getz/Atlanta Botanical Gardens
The Coca-Cola Santa image has been making appearances in advertisements and on bottles during the Christmas season for generations.This year the company is capitalizing on holiday nostalgia by looking at the history of the beverage company and the Christmas season at World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta. The museum, at 121 Baker St. NW, has launched a special exhibit detailing the history of the iconic Coca-Cola Santa logo, created by commercial artist Haddon Sundblom from 1931 to 1965. “Our history of Santa display really gives people a little information around how Coca-Cola has become so linked to the image of Santa that most of us have if we close our eyes and think, ‘What does Santa look like?’” said Jacquie Wansley, marketing manager for World of Coca-Cola.