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Young Girl Scout named Dough Getter for cookie sales
Berkley Starr, 6, receives the Dough Getters Award from Amy S. Dosik, chief executive officer of Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta. Starr was the 40th highest selling scout in the council, which includes more than 23,000 Girl Scouts. She sold nearly 1,500 boxes of cookies. - photo by For the Forsyth County News

CUMMING —Berkley Starr is quick to talk about her favorite Girl Scout cookie flavor.

“I like Thin Mints because they’re minty and they make your breath smell like mint,” said the 6-year-old, who just finished kindergarten at Chattahoochee Elementary School.

She’s also just completed her first year in Girl Scouts, where she is a Daisy, the earliest level of the program. She joined her troop in November.

Despite being so young and new to Girl Scouts, Starr reached a level of success that few young members are able to hit.

She was one of just 116 girls in the Greater Atlanta Council to sell more than 1,250 boxes of Girl Scout cookies, earning the Dough Getter Award.

With a total of more than 23,000 girls involved in the Greater Atlanta Council, Starr was the 40th highest seller of cookies this year, with 1,449 boxes of the popular confections sold.

At an event earlier this month, Starr was presented her Dough Getter recognition by Amy S. Dosik, the chief executive officer of Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta.

Starr’s mother, Kimberly, said she was a little surprised when they arrived at the Dough Getters ceremony.

“We were very taken aback. First of all, because we didn’t know there were just 116 girls who got [the award],” Kimberly Starr said. “And two, I think we only saw one other girl with a Daisy uniform on.

“For her to come in at No. 40 just blew us away.”

One thing she wasn’t surprised by was her daughter’s hard work.

“She’s very motivated by challenge and seeing what she can do,” the older Starr said. “I think for her it was a big motivation being her first time in Girl Scouts.”

The 6-year-old was also motivated by knowing that many of the cookies would go to National Guardsman at the Cumming Regional Readiness.

Her mom worked with several local businesses to provide nearly 500 boxes of cookies for the guardsmen.

“Her brother, Forester Vosburgh, is in the National Guard, so that was important to her,” said Kimberly Starr, adding that her daughter seems to be a natural salesperson.

She said the family set up booths at several businesses and Berkley wasn’t shy at all about selling.

“They’d go, ‘Oh honey, I don’t have any money.’ And she’d go, ‘I take cards. What kind do you want?’”

And she’s likely to sell even more cookies next year since the youngster is developing business strategies.

“She left the Dough Getters ceremony already planning out next year,” joked her mom.