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Local family to appear on Family Feud Tuesday and Wednesday
Family Feud

“From Cumming, Ga., it’s the Phillippi family.”

In a few days expect those words from host Steve Harvey as the Phillippi family from Cumming will compete on episodes of the popular game show Family Feud on Tuesday and Wednesday. Contestant Michael Tapp said the family had a lot of fun during the show.

“It was like nothing I’ve experienced before,” Tapp said. “Being there under the lights, in the building with Steve Harvey, it was an once-in-a-lifetime experience. It was fun for everyone, no matter what their outcome was.”

The team was made up of Tapp, his wife Kellie and her dad, mom and brother, Scott, Susan and Mark Phillippi.

Tapp said he found out about auditions from a coworker and signed the family up.

“We all were over at dinner at my in-laws house like two days later and I was like, ‘oh, by the way guys, I signed us up for Family Feud,’ and will all kind of laughed,” he said. “Then we ended up getting a call to come in. We did an on-the-phone interview and then we did a try-out, in-person interview.

“Then they called and said they wanted us on the show.”

He said members of the family were fans of the show and he and his wife had watched it since they met.

“When me and my wife met in college, she lived in a dorm and I lived in a house, so she came over and she used to always want to watch Family Feud,” Tapp said. “So, she used to watch, as well as my mother-in-law was always a big fan, and a kind of grew up watching Gameshow Network.”

As for the show’s host, Tapp said Harvey “made sure whether you were on the show or came to the show that you have a fun experience” and would give the contestants some motivation between rounds.

“Steve Harvey is really cool to deal with during the taping,” he said. “I would say it’s what he does off camera that sets Steve Harvey aside. He could be like any other host and go touch up his makeup and go to another room to take a break … but every time we had a break he’s out there, he took questions from the audience, he tells stand-up comedy, he’ll do little competitions.”

“And his mustache was incredible.”

According to the show’s website, the episode will appear locally on The CW 69.