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Local GOP begins delegate process
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The Republican National Convention isn’t until the end of August, but local parties have begun their preparations.

The Forsyth County Republican Party elected delegates Saturday at South Forsyth High School to attend the district convention next month.

From there, delegates will be selected to attend the state event, and eventually, the national convention.

“Anybody can be elected as long as they’re willing to state under oath that they are loyal to the Republican Party,” said Ethan Underwood, local party chairman. “We’ll have lots of folks who usually don’t participate come.”

In total, 55 delegates are chosen from District 7 and 25 from District 9. From those, 60 will be selected in the district election to attend the state convention. The same number of alternates can be chosen as well.

“It’s a big event. We look forward to it every year because it’s a chance to introduce ourselves to new people,” Underwood said. “A lot of folks are getting involved and finding how the Republican Party works … it’s really built from the bottom up. Local voting precincts are electing people to represent them.”

With this being an election year and the party still having four candidates vying for the Republican presidential nomination, Underwood said the convention should be more exciting.

“Some folks show up because they want to become more active in the general election and some folks show up because they’re supporting one candidate in the primary,” he said.

“The hope is to get a lot of new folks plugged in and working with us, not just for the convention but into the general election. And hopefully they’ll stay involved and take on leadership roles in the future.”