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3 things Forsyth County Board of Commissioners will discuss Dec. 6
FCN Forsyth County Administration Building

New regulations for illegal drug substitutes, tax exemptions for nonprofits and changes to a previous zoning are among items on this week’s Forsyth County Commissioners’ meeting.

The meeting will start at 5 p.m. on Thursday at the Forsyth County Administration Building.

Items on the agenda may be postponed or withdrawn at the start of Thursday’s meeting.

Below are a few of the items that will be discussed.

Drug substitutes

Commissioners will hear three items during public hearings – Public Hearings 12, 13 and 14 – related to licensing for “unregulated marijuana, opiate and steroid substitutes and alternative nicotine products, licensing for alternative nicotine products and regulations for the substitutes.”

The first change will potentially impact the alcohol sales for businesses selling the substitutes and alternative nicotine products by tying violations of those rules to businesses’ alcohol licenses.

The licensing requirements for the alternative nicotine products – which includes vape juice – sets how far stores must be from schools or church buildings and fees for an annual license: $1,000 for stores that primarily sell the products and $750 for stores where the products are “not the primary purpose of retail sales of the establishment.”

The final hearing will set definitions for the drug substitutes and ban their sale. Violators can lose alcohol licenses or business licenses in the county.

The full text of the changes is available here.

Nonprofit exemption

Nonprofits could soon see exemptions from certain fees in the county.

According to an ordinance change that will be discussed for Public Hearing 15, nonprofits, agriculture fairs nor “any disabled veteran… of blind persons holding a certificate of exemption” will be excluded from occupational tax and regulation and administration fees to obtain business registrations.

The full text of the ordinance change is available here.

Changes to large development

In April 2017, commissioners approved the rezoning of about 250 acres from agriculture district (A1) to single-family residential Res-2 district for 198 homes on Castleberry Road at the intersection with Atlanta Highway (Hwy. 9) and across from Fowler Park.

On Thursday, commissioners will hear some proposed condition changes to the development, which will be discussed as Public Hearing 5.

Those changes include: changing the amount of homes with side entry three-car garages from being required for all to applying to 95 percent of the homes due to topography of the land; changing the amount of homes with basements; requirements for building near wetlands not adjacent to the Big Creek Greenway; and removing a condition for a greenway trailhead in the subdivision.