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Adoptions up, intakes down at Forsyths new animal shelter

NORTH FORSYTH — For the first time since its August opening, the Forsyth County Animal Shelter had more animals taken out than brought in.

During the county’s animal control and shelter advisory committee meeting Wednesday, Deputy County Manager Tim Merritt reviewed the numbers of intakes and dispositions.

In December, the shelter accepted 99 dogs and cats, while 115 were returned to their owners, taken in by a rescue group or adopted out.

For the four full months the shelter has been open, the total number of intakes has declined each month.

At the same time, the number of animals euthanized has also fallen each month, and no animals have been put down due to space.

In December, just 15 animals were euthanized, which was an all-time low for the new facility.

That was also lower than its predecessor, which was ran by board member and local veterinarian Lanier Orr, dating back to at least 2012, the last year for which figures were provided.

Also during the meeting, the committee approved a safe and humane animal treatment policy, which is aimed at reducing the risk of injury to staff and stress to animals.

Among the provisions, staff must be trained by the vet technician, remain diligent around the animals and use only humane restraints on them.

The committee also discussed the facility’s adoption policy, which details who can and can’t adopt and how many animals can be adopted per year.

The policy will come up for a vote at the next committee’s next meeting, set for March 25.