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Alert on for fake workers
County wants to shut off imposters
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Forsyth County News

• Forsyth County water and sewer customers can confirm alleged water issues by calling (770) 781-2160. Cumming water customers may call (770) 781-2020.

• Those who feel they may have fallen victim to a crime can call the Forsyth County Sheriff’s office at (770) 781-3087 or Cumming Police Department at (770) 781-2000 to file a report.
If someone asks to check your water, Forsyth County officials say you should check their ID.

The Forsyth County Water and Sewer Department has received reports of people identifying themselves as employees and calling or going door to door throughout the county.

The fake employees have reportedly tried to make appointments with homeowners, saying they will need to enter the house to test the water.

Tim Perkins, the county’s director of water and sewer, said true employees rarely need to enter anyone’s house.

“Most all of our work can be accomplished outside the home,” he said. “While these people may simply be solicitors, we want residents to know these types of requests will not come from the county’s water and sewer department.”

Water and sewer employees do not solicit over the phone and residents should be cautious about providing personal information.

Perkins explained that employees take samples monthly from certain locations and respond to occasional calls from customers wanting their water tested, but they rarely have reason to go inside a house.

The department encourages residents to always ask for and validate official identification from anyone claiming to be a representative of county government.

Water and sewer department employees will be in uniform and/or have a Forsyth County photo ID badge. They travel in white vehicles clearly marked as belonging to the county.

In addition, water treatment plant personnel are employed by Woodard & Curran and also have county-issued photo IDs. They drive Ford Ranger pickups marked Woodard & Curran.

While the city of Cumming’s water department has not received any reports, Utilities Director Jon Heard also urged customers to ask for identification.

He said city water employees wear a uniform and should be able to provide a city photo ID.

Forsyth County Sheriff’s Capt. Frank Huggins advised residents against letting strangers into their homes.

“Talk to them through a locked door,” he said. “If an individual refuses to leave or you feel you are in danger, dial 911.”

Huggins also recommended getting a description of the person and vehicle, as well as a license plate number, if it’s safe to do so.