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American Legion to gather at armory
Public grand opening still few months off
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Forsyth County News

A new Cumming facility soon will see its first public guests.

The National Guard Armory on Aquatic Circle, just off Pilgrim Mill Road, will play host to a district meeting of the American Legion on Sunday afternoon.

The $26 million facility, which was funded with federal and state money after the city of Cumming donated the 12 acres on which it sits, opened to National Guardsmen in mid-April.

John Arant, commander of the 9th American Legion district, which includes Forsyth and several other north Georgia counties, said he and other members are proud be the first non-National Guard organization to use the facility.

“We offered the new armory as our place to meet,” he said. “We’ve never been able to have a district meeting in Cumming because we just didn’t have a big enough place to hold it.”

That won’t be a problem anymore as the new facility boosts 104,000 square feet with a 300-seat auditorium, 400-seat cafeteria area, and several classrooms.

The armory’s grand opening event for the general public likely will be held sometime in the next few months, and the facility’s amenities will eventually be made available to various community groups and organizations.

Until then, the Cumming American Legion post will use the facility for its meetings.

Arant said about 200 Legion members from throughout the district, which includes 22 posts, are expected to attend Sunday’s gathering, which will include a memorial service for all district members who passed away over the last year.

“We’re very happy to show off to the district the new National Guard Armory,” he said. “This is quite a thing to have in our backyard.”