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Animal shelter could use barn
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Forsyth County News

A stable that no longer houses horses could be of use to Forsyth County Animal Control.

The barn behind Chestatee Elementary School, built by the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office for its former mounted patrol, has no purpose other than storage since the unit was disbanded earlier this year.

Deputy County Manager Tim Merritt proposed to the animal control and shelter advisory committee on Wednesday night that the stable could be a holding area for large animals once the new shelter opens in spring.

The shelter, under construction in north Forsyth, won’t initially include a small stable outside, Merritt said, though a space for future development of that structure has been set aside in the plans.

Even so, in the rare case that several large animals, such as horses, need to be taken in by animal control, a larger space may be needed, he said.

Working out such an agreement would require cooperation from the sheriff’s office, board of education and county commission, Merritt said.

Commissioner Todd Levent, who serves on the committee, thought the plan seemed like a logical solution, though the agreement would take some work on the details.

Merritt added that a stable at the shelter could possibly be another fundraising project in the community, citing the additional cat cages recently funded through private donations.

Committee member Lanier Orr, who holds the current shelter contract, said large animals have shown up less frequently as the community has become more residential.

However, Orr said the shelter still receives a fair number of goats and pigs.