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Assessor: Expect tax notices soon
Property statement an estimate, not bill
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Forsyth County News

Forsyth County’s property tax digest is on the upswing, but owners may or may not see an increase in their 2014 assessed values as notices reach mailboxes this week.

Tax Assessor Mary Kirkpatrick said the digest could grow from 2 percent up to 5 percent over last year, but growth and improved market conditions aren’t happening evenly throughout the county.

“We’re beginning to see some areas, particularly the south end of the county, that’s beginning to recuperate a little more quickly than probably the north end,” Kirkpatrick said. “We’re getting back to normal years, which is a good sign.”

Both commercial and residential lots have followed the same general trend of increasing values in the south half with little change in the north, she said.

The county can practically be divided by Hwy. 20, she said.

Kirkpatrick said there’s no single reason for that, but the markets are clearly different.

“This is a little different this time than we’ve had in the past, where everything went up 10 percent or everything went down 10 percent. Now, we’re beginning to see this mixed bag,” she said. “They’re going to see that on the assessment notices. Some may go up. Some may go down.”

Those notices, which are not a bill, will start going out Tuesday.

The letter includes an estimate for 2014 property taxes. That number could change, Kirkpatrick said, since the county doesn’t adopt the millage rate until July.

Kirkpatrick said property owners who disagree with the county’s assessment have 45 days, or until June 14, to appeal the decision.

Information on how to do so is included with the notice and on the tax assessor’s Web site at, where residents can also review neighborhood sales.