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Botching baby talk
Resolution errs on county births
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Forsyth County News

It appears officials made a boo-boo in their efforts to honor two babies born last month in Forsyth County.

Northside Hospital-Forsyth's Women's Center delivered its first boy, Hudson Lee Bickers, and its first girl, Masyn Leigh Wright, on Aug. 6.

Their births were the first scheduled hospital deliveries in 25 years in Forsyth.

During a meeting Thursday night, the Forsyth County commission honored Hudson and Masyn with a resolution saying it has been "25 years since the birth of a child in Forsyth County where the child had an official Forsyth County birth certificate."

According to probate court records, however, nearly 150 babies have been born in Forsyth County during that 25-year span.

Some of the births were at home and others in the emergency room.

Forsyth County Probate Judge Lynwood D. Jordan said the certificates issued for those births are legitimate.

"We've had about 148 children who are very official and who have very official birth certificates," Jordan said.

He said he was aware of the mistake and had attempted to notify county officials about the error Friday.

The county issued a press release Monday about the resolution and posted the news on its government Web site, where it remained Tuesday afternoon.

Reached by phone Monday, Commission Chairman Charles Laughinghouse said the error was due to misinformation.

"We just depended on the data supplied to us I think by the hospital," he said.
County Attorney Ken Jarrard, who drafted the document, confirmed he received the information in an e-mail from the hospital.

"The county regrets if there was any information in the resolution that was in any way inaccurate," Jarrard said. "Certainly, the county intended no disrespect to anyone."

It's not clear what, if anything, will be done to address the error.

The e-mail names the children as the first baby boy and girl "born with a Forsyth County Birth Certificate in 25 years."

Jarrard explained that the county usually relies on the entity requesting a resolution, in this case the hospital, for the information in the resolution "and that was done in this case."