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Buford Dam store gets 15-day alcohol ban

A Buford Dam Road store will not be able to sell alcohol for about two weeks.

Forsyth County Commissioners voted 3-0, with Commissioners Todd Levent and Pete Amos absent, to suspend the alcohol license for Sabra Cumming for 15 days starting on Monday. The store is at 3595 Buford Dam Road at the intersection of Buford Dam and Lanier Beach South roads.

The suspension came after a hearing on the store’s second violation of the code for underage alcohol sales since December.

“Typically, we’d look to a revocation at this point, but I do understand that you are looking at making a [business] transition,” District 5 Commissioner Laura Semanson, who represents the area, said to the licensee. “I am going to make a motion that we do not do a revocation at this point because of the fact we are looking at licensing someone else who will hopefully be more responsible.”

District 4 Commissioner Cindy Jones Mills said it was likely commissioners weren’t the only ones who knew about the underage sales. 

“To be honest, if you got caught twice this soon, you’re probably the place all the kids are going to buy it,” she said.

Following the suspension, commissioners approved an alcohol license —which is typically done at the start of the meeting but was moved due to the unique circumstances — for new owners of the business.