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Cancellation policy for parks tightened
If BOC agrees, measure will apply to gyms, Shady Grove
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Forsyth County News

FORSYTH COUNTY — Some of those who use Forsyth County Parks and Recreation facilities could pay more in cancellation fees.

Members of the parks and recreation board voted 4-0, with Steve Dabbs absent, on Tuesday night to change the cancellation policies for Shady Grove Campground and gymnasiums throughout the local parks system.

Previously, Shady Grove campers had to give a 48-hour notice prior to the reservation date to receive a full refund. They also were assessed a $5 flat rate fee for each cancellation. 

Tommy Bruce, assistant director of the department, said the changes were needed since many people have been taking advantage of the present system.

“People are going in and reserving a campsite for two weeks so they get it earlier … then they start coming in and cancelling days until they get to the holiday weekend they want,” he said.

The board voted to change the policy, though the measure must receive final approval by the county commission.

Under the new policy, during “peak season” of May 1 through Labor Day, campers must provide five-day notice of cancellation and will receive back 50 percent of their rental fee.

During non-peak season, campers must still give five-day notice of cancellation. If so, however, all but a $10 per-day fee will be returned.

As for gym rentals, users must provide a written notice of cancellation two full business days prior to the date. They receive back all but a $100 fee for the cancellation.

Under the new policy, cancellations must be provided in writing 10 business days ahead to receive a full refund for a gym rental.

Renters who don’t provide a full 10-day notice will be charged a $250 fee.