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City to begin holding monthly work sessions

The city of Cumming will now have a new meeting each month to go along with its new mayor and officials.

At a special called meeting Tuesday, the Cumming City Council voted unanimously to move ahead with holding a work session at 6 p.m. on the first Tuesday of each month.  The city has previously only held one regular monthly meeting on the third Tuesday of each month.

Mayor Troy Brumbalow — who along with Councilmen Chad Crane and Jason Evans was serving in his first meeting on Tuesday since being sworn in the week before — said the meetings would be a chance for the council to discuss matters before voting on them at the regular meeting.

“The whole purpose is so we can get all the information,” Brumbalow. 

City Attorney Dana Miles said the meetings would be less formal than regular meetings and would take place in a meeting room rather than the council chambers, which he said was not “conducive to a work session.” 

He said voting would be allowed for some items.

“You can vote at a work session,” Miles said. “And this ordinance specifically provides that. Our reasoning for that is because you may have issues that come up that require action at that point in time [and] you need to make a decision, and we didn’t want to hamstring you by saying you couldn’t vote at a work session.” 

Miles said it was his understanding most matters would only be discussed at work sessions. He used business with Forsyth County and similar matters as examples of what could be voted on at the meetings.

“An example might be that we get a request from the county for something they need a quick response on or some individual the mayor and council has to have a quick response on,” Miles said. “Rather than waiting 20 to 30 days until your next voting meeting, you could act on it in that work session, if the mayor and council thought it was appropriate.”

The city council will next meet at the Jan. 16 regular meeting.