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Coal Mountain Connector raised at work session
Coal Mountain Connector
A proposed new road would provide a bypass avoiding the intersection of Browns Bridge Road (Hwy. 369) and Dahlonega (Hwy. 9). - photo by For the Forsyth County News

A new cut-through could help alleviate traffic from a large north Forsyth neighborhood.

At a recent work session, Forsyth County Commissioners voted unanimously to approve the proposed new Coal Mountain Connector from the entrance of the Bridgetowne subdivision to Coal Mountain Drive as an arterial road, which County Attorney Ken Jarrard said would give the county flexibility for spending on the project.

“This road … would work basically as a mini bypass bypassing the intersection at Hwy. 369, which is a minor arterial, and [Hwy.] 9 or Dahlonega Highway, which is a minor arterial,” Jarrard said.

The proposed route would create a new road connecting Bridgetowne Drive to Settingdown Road, which would go between the Forsyth County Public Safety Complex and Coal Mountain Park, and a new road from Settingdown to Coal Mountain Drive, which is having multiple routes considered.

A new traffic light would also be added to the intersection of Bridgetowne Drive and Browns Bridge Road (Hwy. 369).

District 4 Commissioner Cindy Jones Mills, who represents the area, said the plan would help with traffic from Bridgetowne residents going to the nearby campus of North Forsyth High, North Forsyth Middle and Coal Mountain Elementary schools.

“[The plan is] community driven by Bridgetowne having 750 homes with one entrance, with Bridgetowne having to go left to get to the schools in the morning, with three buses per school going making a left out of a [future] six-lane with no red light,” Mills said. “The only way to get a red light was to build a road.”

Jarrard said the land will be purchased by the county or dedicated by property owners.

“I think the expectation is, especially with the land acquisition portion of it, there will be some contributions from those property owners, who will be dedicating right of way,” Jarrard said. “At the intersection with 369, particularly Bridgetowne Drive, we may get some commercial participation from some of the commercial vendors there, like Walmart.”

Funding for the proposed project has not been decided, and no timeline for the project was discussed at the meeting.