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Commissioners break down zonings in Forsyth County from 2016-17
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Growing in number

* 18: residential zonings approved
* 655: residential acres zoned
* 1,175: residential lots approved
* 10: single family residential Res-3 districts approved, the most of any residential district
* 24: approved commercial zonings
* 262: acres approved for commercial zoning
* 7: zonings withdrawn
* 499: lots withdrawn
* 42: zoning actions already planned for 2017
* 1,423: acres in those 42 proposals

(Approved zonings were between Jan. 1, 2016 and Feb. 21, 2017)

Construction and rezonings may seem like a constant in Forsyth County, but this week commissioners reviewed a breakdown of the most popular districts to apply for zonings, the most-applied for categories and by what density.

At a work session on Tuesday, Forsyth County commissioners discussed zoning information compiled by District 4 planning board member Bettina Hammond. The information looked at zoning in 2016 and 2017 and already filed zonings commissioners will consider in the future.

“She had just compiled all of this information and sent it to me and I just asked our board [to look at it],” District 4 Commissioner Cindy Jones Mills said. “I thought it was really good data for us to look at because we’ve all talked about how important data is to dispense to the public and for us to know to go back and review.”

The information broke down the number of zonings by district, zoning category and other factors.

“She broke it down by each district, how many acres was in it, what the density was by district,” Mills said. “She even went through all the zonings that were denied or if they withdrew.”

From Jan. 1, 2016 to Feb. 21, 2017, 18 residential zonings were approved on 655 acres for 1,175 lots.

Of the 18 residential zonings, 12 were in Districts 1 and 3 – each had six – along with 523 of the approved lots, 187 for District 1 and 336 for District 3. Districts 2, 4 and 5 each had two zonings.

The most popular zoning category was single family residential Res-3, which received 10 rezonings. Single family residential Res-2, which is less dense, was the second most popular with three total zonings, and single family community residential CR2, multi-family residential Res-6, master planned district, urban village and lake residential districts each received one zoning.

Seven residential and commercial zonings and 499 lots were withdrawn in the timeframe.

For commercial zonings, 24 were approved, with District 4 receiving 10, for a total of 262 acres.

The data also looked at pending zoning activity coming to the county.

“I thought it was especially interesting to look at that we actually had 18 [residential] zonings total last year,” Mills said. “It was sort of a breakdown of all the zonings, but if you look, we’ve got 42 [total] pending zonings right now.”

Of those zonings, totaling 1,423 acres, 11 are in District 1, nine in District 2, 10 in District 3, nine in District 4 and 3 in District 5.

Mills said she hopes the update to the county’s comprehensive plan, a process called Foster Forsyth, will be adopted soon to provide better zoning options and standards for the county. The most popular upcoming zoning types are Res-3 – 14 are pending – and MPD – nine are pending. Those figures include items approved already in 2017.

“It really shows how important getting that comp plan finished is with 42 in the pipe,” she said. “I wish we could get it done to get some new residential categories adopted, too, because I think it could change the makeup and the way the county looks in the future.”