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Commissioners discuss employee benefits

Forsyth County employees could see a change in benefits next year, and commissioners will soon hold a special meeting to gather information.

Commissioners discussed the changes at a meeting on Thursday after first talking about the changes last week in a work session.

District 4 Commissioner Cindy Jones Mills said she would like to see a survey go out to employees to gauge their opinions on the plans.

“They’re the ones going to be impacted by our decision,” she said. “I feel like they’re educated, they know. It would have really helped me to know how they would have like it to have went.”

She said one employee told her they would rather use the funds the county uses on tickets to the Cumming Fair and hams around the holidays to be used for health care.

County officials said they would move forward with a survey for employees.

Part of Thursday’s discussion was centered around pharmacy rates, which County Manager Eric Johnson said was between two plans that were essentially higher premium versus higher copay.

He said some employees may be unaware of how much the county spends on employee health care.

“We heard a comment that new employees seem to know because once they look at our benefit plan and compare it with wherever they’ve come from, they recognize that is one of the things we do for employees,” he said.

Johnson said the plan would impact 935 employees and the county was looking at plans in other counties and cities.

Commissioners will discuss the benefits at a meeting on Aug. 28.