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Committees forming to review Forsyth Countys comprehensive plan

FORSYTH COUNTY — Two new groups charged with reviewing Forsyth County’s comprehensive plan are taking shape.

On Tuesday, the Forsyth County commission voted 5-0 to approve the two committee’s names, missions and members.

Norcross-based Jacobs Engineering Group was recently selected to handle the comprehensive plan update, which will begin early next year and likely be completed by August.

The plan, which serves as a guideline for growth and land use in the county, was last updated in 2012.

The vision committee is expected to meet fewer times than steering, and is responsible for setting goals.  

“The vision committee is meeting three times, and actually the first three [gatherings] are joint — steering and vision,” said Vanessa Bernstein-Goldman, the county’s senior planner.

“The vision committee is responsible for the creation of an actual mission statement and a list of community goals, so really it’s a precursor. It’s the beginning of the process.”

Those nominated for the vision committee include Robert Bourne, Troy Brumbalow, Chris Darnell, Tim Dineen, Ruth Goode, Bettina Hammond and Beth Tipton. At least one additional member will be added at the commission’s next work session.

The steering committee will meet over a longer period of time. Among its members are: Chairman Pete Amos, as the required commissioner; Bernstein-Goldman, as the required staff member; and local banker Tim Perry, as the required local economic development practitioner.

“The steering committee will be aware of what the vision committee is doing, as that committee is working, but the steering committee will continue to meet as every component of the comprehensive plan is developed,” Bernstein-Goldman said.

“When a draft is finalized that steering committee has really been there from the beginning.”

Other members of the committee include: Claudia Castro, Greg Dolezal, Jayne Iglesias, Betty Pita, Liz Shaw and Bobby Thomas.