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Council ponders new noise ordinance
City could vote on matter at upcoming meeting
City Hall

The city of Cumming could soon have a way to officially address those making loud, late-night noises.

The Cumming City Council discussed adding a noise ordinance at a recent special called meeting since the city doesn’t have those rules currently. Newly-elected Mayor Troy Brumbalow said he city residents had voiced concerns about not having an way to deal with noisy neighbors.

“As of now, we don’t have a noise ordinance,” said Mayor Troy Brumbalow. “People have made complaints about parties and that kind of stuff, and the police department’s hands are tied in the fact that they can’t do [anything].”

City Attorney Dana Miles said the ordinance would give police the ability to stop those events. 

“I think that in a lot of other communities, this has been used to allow police to keep parties from taking over a neighborhood with noise,” Miles said. “You’re not going to have somebody blowing a leaf blower at 10:30 at night. You might have someone playing very loud music out of very loud speakers.”

Miles said the change was based on a similar ordinance in Athens-Clarke County and wanted the thoughts of elected officials. 

“We would like to have some feedback from the mayor and council as to what you think about this,” Miles said. “It will be voted on at a subsequent meeting.”