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County commission shuffles offices
New chairman, vice chairman chosen

For the third consecutive year, the Forsyth County commission will have a new chairman.

Commissioners on Thursday elected Pete Amos to lead the five-member panel in 2013.

Jim Boff, who served as chairman in 2012, will be vice chairman, while Brian Tam was tapped for secretary.

All the officers were approved in 4-0 votes, with Todd Levent absent.

The chairmanship, elected each year among the commissioners, puts one official at the helm to keep meetings in order.

The chairman also typically represents the commission on various boards or at functions.

The consensus in selecting leadership was a departure from last January, when the commissioners were split between Tam and Boff, who got the nod in a 3-2 vote.

Amos said having the support of his fellow commissioners “means a lot.”

“I want to prove them right and prove that I can do a good job as chairman,” he said. “I’m willing to listen and take any comments one way or the other. I want to run a good program.”

His role, he said, will be to run the meetings and work with the commissioners on their goals, adding that the chairman’s opinion “is just a vote among five.”

Boff, the outgoing chairman, made the nomination to appoint Amos to the lead position in 2013.

“I feel that we made the chairmanship a position that has no strong power, and therefore it’s valid to allow other commissioners to serve in that position if they so desire,” he said.

Last year, the commission voted 5-0 to strip most of the chairman's duties or privileges, including the ability to add agenda items, from the rules.

Boff said he expects Amos will do a good job representing the county in what could be a less controversial year than last.

“The fact that there was agreement is a good way to start the year off,” he said.

Amos, who is beginning his third year on the commission, represents District 1, which includes some of Cumming and much of western Forsyth.

This past summer, Boff won re-election to a second term as commissioner in District 5 and Tam to his third in District 2. Tam served as chairman in 2011.

Thursday marked the first official meeting for the fifth commissioner, Cindy Jones Mills, who began her District 4 term this month.