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County tax collections strong
Residents praised for paying on time
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Forsyth County News


The economy doesn't seem to have hampered tax collections in Forsyth County.

In fact, the county has ranked in the top five in the state for collection rates for about five or six years, said Matthew Ledbetter, tax commissioner.

"That really means something that the citizens support the local economy and the tax system," he said.

Ledbetter said about 95 percent of payments, or nearly $190 million of a projected $200 million, have come in. That puts the county 5 percent ahead of this time last year.

He said about 92 to 93 percent of property owners paid their bills by the Nov. 15 deadline, which also tops 2009's on-time returns of about 88 percent.

"We are very appreciative to the citizens for those numbers. That's something to be proud of," said Ledbetter, adding that collecting taxes on time benefits the county in a number of ways.

"Our bonds are set according to our collection rates," he said. "Also, the county and the board of education are able to obtain interest on that money, which in turn helps all of us."

Per state requirements, a 1 percent penalty is added each month a tax bill is late.

An additional 1 percent will be added to bills paid after Dec. 15 and Jan. 15.

On Feb. 15, a 10 percent penalty is assessed, which is also imposed and set by the state.